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The following sale terms are a fundamental part of all our supply contracts, when orders are made by phone, verbally, by fax, e-mail or on the web.
Read them every time you visit our web site, as some parts may be necessarily updated.

1. Acceptance
By placing an order you implicitly fully accept our sale terms hereby described.
If the Customer also is the Consumer (a physical person buying the item, for any purpose not related to a professional use, i.e. the purchase is not made using a VAT number) once the purchase procedure is completed, they will print or save a copy of these sale terms, pursuant to art. 3 and 4 of Decreto Legislativo 22 May 1999 n. 185 about distance selling.

2. Orders
The Customer can buy products as they are described in the relevant information sheet. It is understood that the image accompanying the technical sheet of a product may not be the exact representation of the product. In the catalogue on the web site, as the access and the possibility to place an order do not modify in real time the availability of the item, we cannot guarantee the certainty of allocation of the ordered items. It is our commitment, however, to immediately inform the Customer, should the item be no more available.
Correct receipt of an order is confirmed by e-mail, to the address the Customer has communicated. The confirmation message will show date and time of the order and an “Order Number”, to be used for any further communication. The message will contain all the data the Customer has input, and the Customer guarantees that those data are correct, and will immediately inform in case there should be any change.
In case the order should not be accepted, we guarantee to inform promptly the Customer.
The Customer is not entitled to any compensation for damages or indemnity as well as any contractual or extra contractual responsibility for direct or indirect damages to persons and/or things, due to the non-acceptance, also partial, of an order.

3. Prices
Prices on the web site are VAT excluded and are subject to change without prior notice. These changes are strictly connected to the market situation or to the fluctuation of the exchange rate.
It is our commitment to inform immediately the Customer should there be any price change for the ordered item. Invoiced prices will be those in force at the date of delivery.

4. Payment terms
The following payment terms can be chosen.

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card
  • Cash at our warehouse (extra 5.00 Euros)

Payment by bank transfer
If the payment is made by advanced bank transfer, the order will be taken in charge only after receiving confirmation of the credit by our bank. Payment must be made within 7 days from the order date, once these days are exceeded, the order will be cancelled.
The payment description field must contain the order number.
Bank details can be found on the order confirmation.

Payment by credit card
For purchases paid by credit card or postepay, the Bank will authorise the amount for the purchase for a maximum value of 2,400.00 Euros VAT included. For higher amounts you can ask for a Bank authorisation using a Proforma invoice. To guarantee an excellent security level, only credit cards complying with 3D secure code MasterCard and Verified by Visa can be used.
We can by no means be made acquainted with any personal data during the payment procedures. Information is directly transmitted to the site of the Bank managing the transaction, thanks to a secure server having an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection system.
Credit cards data will be transferred by a protected connection in SSL encryption, in order to make interception impossible by other users.
SSL encryption system guarantees that nobody can read the information sent via the internet, differently from what happens with traditional shops, where credit cards data are seen by the owner, the assistant or the waiter. On-line transaction is thus absolutely secure as nobody knows the codes of the credit card in use.
If the payment is successfully completed, its confirmation is immediate and we receive from the Bank a simple confirmation of the transaction, no credit card data will be saved in our files.
This procedure is absolutely secure both for the Purchaser and for the Seller.
If you change your mind and want to cancel the order, or if your order has not been accepted by us, the transaction cancellation will be requested, and you will be given back the amount blocked on the credit card.

Payment at our warehouse
If you prefer to pay when collecting the goods at our warehouse, the cost for this service is 5.00 Euros. The goods of your order will be available for 5 working days from the order date.

5. Delivery terms and costs
Delivery costs are automatically calculated on the basis of the weight and can be seen in the chart when placing the order. It is possible to add a preference about the delivery, which can be anyway changed by our logistic for technical reasons without further debits or credits.
Generally speaking, if the goods are available, the despatch is planned for the same day of the order, if the order is placed before 12:00 am, choosing payment by credit card, by Unicredit bank transfer or by istant bank transfer. In case of payment by ordinary bank transfer, the despatch will take place only when the sum is credited.
Delivery is estimated at 24/48 hours (48/72 hours for Calabria and isles).
No responsibility will be considered in case of delay in order fulfilment or in the delivery.
When the goods are delivered, the Customer must check that the package is undamaged. Damages or the non-correspondence of the number of boxes must be immediately reported adding "ACCEPTED SUBJECT TO INSPECTION" on the delivery note received by the courier.
Please inform us immediately, if possible, about the extent of the damage, by e-mail to altea@alteaweb.it and then, within 3 working days after the delivery by registered letter to ALTEA S.r.l. - Via Vincenzo Monti, 8 - 20123 - Milano (MI).
The damage risk is on our charge during the transport and is transferred to the Customer in case of pickup of goods at our warehouse.
It is understood that, once the delivery note has been signed without any objection, no exceptions will be possible about the external aspect of the delivered goods.
In case of stoppage of the goods due to the impossibility to deliver at the address the Customer has indicated when placing the order, within 5 working days, stoppage fees of 1 euro/day plus 2 euros of administrative charge will be debited. In case the goods should return to the sender, the cost of the return despatch will be debited, and the goods will be available for pickup at our warehouse.

6. Pickup at our warehouse
When placing the order, you can choose to pickup goods at our warehouse.
Light filters cannot be picked up at our warehouse, they can only be collected, by appointment, in our Magenta office.
The order must be completed on the web site choosing “Pickup at warehouse”. Once the order has been sent you will receive a first e-mail for the order confirmation, and then a second one, authorising the collection.
You cannot pickup goods without our authorisation.

  • Warehouse: LSM Logistica Via Primo Maggio, 4 - 20014 Nerviano
    Maps coordinates
    Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8,15-11,45 am ; 1.00-4.45 pm
  • Magenta office (for light filters): Via Giovanni Cattaneo 17 - 20013 Magenta
    Maps coordinates
    Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30-12.30 am ; 3.30-6.30 pm
    Tel. 0245070561

7. Invoicing
Invoices will be issued on the basis of the data given by the Customer, when placing the order. Information about certified e-mail or SDI code can be input while placing the order in the NOTE field (field for specific requests or comments); without these, invoices will be issued with a generic '0000000' code and will be available in the tax mail box on the web site of the Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate).
For orders without any fiscal code or VAT number, relevant payment will be registered at the Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate) and a regular ticket will be issued.

8. Interest for delayed payment
In the event of delayed payment, besides the set deadline, an interest for delayed payment will be applied, without prior notice, on the overdue amounts. Interest will be calculated on a daily basis, following the reference rate fixed by the European Central Bank, plus 8 percentage points (art. 4 Decreto Legislativo 9 Novembre 2012, n. 192). We reserve the right to ask for formal compensation for any recovery costs incurred and without prejudice for compensation for greater damages.

9. Right of withdrawal
Pursuant to dlgs 206/2005 mod. D.Lgs. 21/2014, if the Customer is a Consumer, (i.e.; is a physical person buying an item for personal purposes, not referred to a working activity, and does not buy on the basis of a VAT number) they have the right to withdraw from the contract, with no explication and without any penalty, within 14 calendar days from the day the goods have been delivered.
To exercise the right of withdrawal, you can fill our RETURN FORM

In order to respect the deadline for the return of the goods, it is enough to fill the form before the expiration of the withdrawal right.
Our Customer service will rapidly send the Customer a code authorising the return of the goods (RMA- return material authorisation) which will allow the parcel to be sent back to our warehouse.
Goods cannot be sent back without our authorisation.

The withdrawal right is anyway subdued to the following conditions:

  • The right is applied to the item in its entirety; the right cannot be applied to part of the product (ex: accessories, enclosed software, etc...).
  • The purchased item shall be undamaged and in its original package, without former labels, and complete in all its parts (package and documents and accessories: manuals, cables, etc…); to avoid damages to the original package, we recommend, if possible, to insert it in a second box, on which the RMA (return material authorisation) number will be applied; in any case, please do not apply labels or scotch tape on the original package of the item;
  • In case of damage during the transport, in case the courier should have been chosen by the Customer, we will give communication (within the 5th day from the delivery), in order to allow the Customer to act against the courier and get the repayment of the value of the goods (if insured); in this case, the item will be available for the Customer for its return, contemporarily cancelling the withdrawal request.
  • The Customer is liable for diminished value of the product due to a different management from what is necessary to know the nature, the characteristics and the functioning of the product. We reserve the right to debit the Customer for any damage, keeping the amount from the sums to be reimbursed
  • Our commitment is to reimburse the Customer for the whole amount, delivery costs included (except for the cases in which the Customer has chosen a more expensive courier than the standard we offer or in case of damages, for which, please see the preceding point) without delay and in any case not later than 14 days from the day in which we are informed by the Customer of the termination of the contract. The reimbursement might be delayed besides the 14 days only until the Customer notifies to have sent the goods back or until the goods are received at our warehouse.
  • The costs for returning the product are borne by the customer.

The right of withdrawal cannot be exerted when the following situations are proved:

  • No external package and/or no original inner package.
  • No integral parts of the product (accessories, cables, manuals, etc…).
  • Damages to the product due to causes different from the transport.

The withdrawal right is excluded in the following cases, pursuant to art.59 of the Consumer Code (Codice del Consumo).

  • The supply of goods made to the Customer’s specifications or clearly personalised (Ex. Colour filters);
  • Contracts in which the Customer has specifically asked for a technician for an onsite repairing or maintenance. If, on that occasion, the technician supplies services besides what strictly requested by the Customer or different goods from the necessary spare parts, to proceed with maintenance or repairing, the withdrawal right is applied to those services or goods.
  • Contracts concluded at a public auction.

10. Guarantee
All products have the legal guarantee, pursuant to art. 128 and following of the Consumer Code (Codice del consumo), that covers any possible conformity defects of the purchased goods, at the moment of delivery or that appear within 2 years from the delivery date, for purchases made by the Consumer (physical person buying the item, for any purpose not related to a professional use, i.e. the purchase is not made using a VAT number) or within 1 year from the delivery date for purchases made by a Company or for professional purposes.
In order to be entitled to the guarantee, the Consumer must keep the purchase ticket or invoice.

The Consumer may ask either to repair the item or to replace it, without any fees in both cases, except for the cases in which this should be impossible, or should impose a disproportionate economic burden on the seller.

The Consumer has the right to a proportional reduction of the price or to terminate the contract, pursuant to art. 135bis of the Consumer Code, and specifically, if:
The seller has not repaired or replaced the item, following the terms and conditions of the Consumer Code, or has refused to bring the goods into conformity.
If the lack of conformity is so serious to justify the immediate reduction of the price or the termination of the contract.
If a lack of conformity becomes apparent notwithstanding the seller’s attempt to bring the item into conformity.
If the seller has declared (or this is clear on the basis of the circumstances) that they will not bring the item into conformity, within a reasonable time lapse or without any major problems.

The Consumer cannot terminate the contract if the lack of conformity is only a modest one.

The following situations exclude the lack of conformity: possible damages determined by accidental events or under the liability of the Consumer, for improper use of the goods, or due to the normal wear of the item.

The guarantee can be applied to the item showing lack of conformity and/or malfunction not seen at the moment of the purchase, provided that the item is used correctly and following its use destination and what is foreseen in its technical sheets.

Repairing within the guarantee period is made by authorised Service Centres of the single producer. Transport fees to send the item to be repaired and to send it back will be paid by the Consumer, if not differently specified in the guarantee policy of the single producer.

If, following a repairing in an authorised centre, the original problem should NOT be a lack of conformity covered by guarantee, the Consumer will pay for all costs of test, check and repairing foreseen by the authorised centre.

If, for any reason, the Service Centre should not be in a position to give back an item covered by guarantee (repaired or replaced), we will, at our sole discretion, determine whether to give back the total sum or to replace the item with another one, having the same characteristics, or higher.

No damages compensation will be requested for any possible delay in repairing or replacement.

11. Privacy
Personal data will not be transferred to third party and will be used and managed in accordance with the privacy protection principles, pursuant to 2016/679/UE Regulation (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR)
Further information on the subject can be seen visiting the following link Privacy.

12. Jurisdiction and applicable law
These Conditions and terms of sale and the relationship between ALTEA S.r.l and the Customer are governed by the Italian law, and specifically by .D.Lgs.70/2003, concerning electronic commerce and by .D.Lgs. 206/2005 with specific reference to the rules related to distance selling and contracts.
For all claims and disputes that may possibly arise, both parties accept the jurisdiction of the Court of the area in which the Customer resides, if in Italy.
We inform you that, the European Community has implemented an online platform for an alternative resolution of claims.
This instrument may be used by the European Consumer for the out-of-court settlement of disputes, arising from the contract finalised on this site. European ODR platform is available here: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr For any other claim, both parties accept the jurisdiction of the Court where ALTEA S.r.l has the registered office.