Parking bollard with hook
69,00 Ç
  • Model: DIS500
  • Weight: 5Kg

Parking bollard made of fully recyclable linear polyethylene resistant to U.V. and atmospheric agents.
It is possible to request production in other colors.

Parking bollards are road devices designed to prevent vehicles from parking in specific areas or zones. They can be used to constitute a material impediment to unauthorized parking.
These devices must harmonize with the street furniture and also perform ancillary functions such as the delimitation of pedestrian areas, reserved parking areas, green areas, flower beds and spaces reserved for other uses.
In the function of street furniture, the bollards are of different types, among which the owner of the road can identify those most suited to individual specific needs, local traditions and the urban environment.
The bollards take the form of poles, poles, block columns, curbs, cords and even bins and flower boxes even if integrated with other furnishing systems. The bollards must be visible and must not exert an action of real impediment to transit both in terms of height on the road surface and as spacing between one element and another, in the case of single components arranged along a perimeter.

Height: 55 cm + hook
Width: 50 cm
Fill and drain plug: 1 inch
Filling with water lt. 80 with sand Kg. 100 approximately

Production time : about 15 days
Ask for any prompt delivery