Filtri gelatina

Screen MOT 300 x 225 cm
620,00 €  520,00 €
  • Model: MOT300225
  • Weight: 28Kg

The medium sized screen.
Thanks to the white dull medium-sized box and the neutral aesthetic, it can be easily installed in standard and large rooms.
This model is supplied in a wide range of fabrics both for front and rear projection. All surfaces are available with a complimentary black masking in any proposed and customized measures.
It is extremely silent thanks to the new generation motors and the noise-absorbing system.
Two coordinated lateral plates and electrical devices for the connection are available in any mounting kit.
Thanks to the exclusive Quick&Safe mounting system it can be easily installed on walls, ceiling and on any kind of wooden beam

  • 100% aluminium
  • extremely noiseless motor
  • Large variety of surfaces and sizes
  • Quick&Safe mounting system
  • Coordinated side plates
  • Customizable sizes