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Parking bollard

Systems and devices for road safety, urban construction sites and for area delimitation

Model Product Image Item Name Price
CSLS48 10 Collars for 48mm tubes

10 Collars for 48mm tubes

10 Simple collars in galvanized iron with groove for 48 diameter pipes
CSBARV17 Barrier for work areas

Barrier for work areas

Modular barrier of polyester panels with polypropylene tubular. Ideal for delimiting and protecting work areas, for example where workers or the affected area...
CSBAC2 Base for 48mm pole

Base for 48mm pole

Base in painted iron weighted with cement Diameter 50cm
CSSTC4 Galvanized pipe 48mm - 1.20m

Galvanized pipe 48mm - 1.20m

Tubular galvanized iron pole certified for road use with plastic cap at the top Thickness 2mm Diameter 48 mm Height 1.20m
CSFLR160002 NF 2 DOSSO sign

NF 2 DOSSO sign

MATERIALE: Lamiera scat. + pell. rifrang. E.G. classe I FORMATO: tr. L. 60
DIS020 Parking bollard

Parking bollard

Il dissuasore di sosta lideale per limpiego nella segnaletica stradale assieme ad attrezzature, insegne, indicatori e altri strumenti studiati per regolare...
DIS515 Parking bollard

Parking bollard

Dissuasore di sosta o base per segnale. Ideale per segnalazioni di cortesia sia per delineare percorsi che per dissuadere la sosta di autoveicoli. Essendo...
DIS500 Parking bollard with hook

Parking bollard with hook

Parking bollard made of fully recyclable linear polyethylene resistant to U.V. and atmospheric agents. It is possible to request production in other colors....