Certificazione Aicel

The following payment terms can be chosen.

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card
  • Cash

Payment by bank transfer
If the payment is made by advanced bank transfer, the order will be taken in charge only after receiving confirmation of the credit by our bank. Payment must be made within 5 working days from the order date, once these days are exceeded, the order will be cancelled.
The payment description field must contain the order number.
Bank details can be found on the order confirmation.

Payment by credit card
For purchases paid by credit card or postepay, the Bank will authorise the amount for the purchase for a maximum value of 2,400.00 Euros VAT included. For higher amounts you can ask for a Bank authorisation using a Proforma invoice. To guarantee an excellent security level, only credit cards complying with 3D secure code MasterCard and Verified by Visa can be used.
We can by no means be made acquainted with any personal data during the payment procedures. Information is directly transmitted to the site of the Bank managing the transaction, thanks to a secure server having an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection system.
Credit cards data will be transferred by a protected connection in SSL encryption, in order to make interception impossible by other users.
SSL encryption system guarantees that nobody can read the information sent via the internet, differently from what happens with traditional shops, where credit cards data are seen by the owner, the assistant or the waiter. On-line transaction is thus absolutely secure as nobody knows the codes of the credit card in use.
If the payment is successfully completed, its confirmation is immediate and we receive from the Bank a simple confirmation of the transaction, no credit card data will be saved in our files.
This procedure is absolutely secure both for the Purchaser and for the Seller.
If you change your mind and want to cancel the order, or if your order has not been accepted by us, the transaction cancellation will be requested, and you will be given back the amount blocked on the credit card.

Payment at our warehouse
If you prefer to pay when collecting the goods at our warehouse, the cost for this service is 5.00 Euros. The goods of your order will be available for 5 working days from the order date.